Cybernetix designs, develops and manufactures adapted and proved control/command solutions to evolve in hostile environments related to onshore/offshore Oil & Gas industry or Nuclear decommissioning (contaminated areas).

Our mission is to provide reliable solutions in order to mitigate risks and enhance people and equipment safety.

Cybernetix relies on its innovative technologies and expertise in mechanics, electronics, optronics, control/command, software development and system integration to provide solutions adapted to field constraints and needs.


From engineering to clients support, Cybernetix manages all the steps of your project in an operational excellence approach.

Two halls of integration and in-house management of technological bricks assembly complete Cybernetix abilities. Our workshops modularity associated with our staff versatility allow flexibility on any type of projects. Our management system called ERP enables us to manage short production runs. Cybernetix possesses a clean room in its premises to make assembly work and optical encapsulation as well as flexible composite and electrotechnics workshops for the realization of diverse works of cabling and electrotechnics tests.

Our Client Support department offers a general follow-up of our customers and equipment in operation.


Specialized in non-destructive control, Cybernetix offers a continuous or periodic control of industrial structures and materials in order to detect and follow severe and irreversible damages.

The collected and real-time processed signals allow to detect and identify the nature of the damages while following their evolution.

Two techniques are used: non-destructive control by acoustic emission is particularly adapted to corrosion detection, high temperature oxidation follow-up and surface coatings control.
The ultrasounds exploitation enables dimension and nature of damages to be identified through sensors which can store and analyze datas following several angles.


Cybernetix has a team of technicians and engineers, independent of design and production teams, in charge of ensuring the reliability and compliance of products delivered to our customers.

The team organises and executes the appropriate tests for each product according to specific procedures and current standards.

The department also offers to accompany the certification process (ATEX , CE, etc.) and conduct dependability studies to detect possible weaknesses in systems and guide their design towards better reliability.


Cybernetix strategy rests on an innovative R&D politics.

With the complexity and the ageing of the structures used in the Oil & Gas industry, a growing need of control means appears. Through its R&D projects, Cybernetix presents a strong adaptation and innovation ability to meet the Customer’s requirements in the best possible manner.

Cybernetix develops and deploys a wide range of monitoring tools such as non destructive control (acoustic emission, ultrasound, guided waves) or equipment and handling set-up which permits on site controls (AE Clamp, ultrasonic tank).


Cybernetix Mechanical Testing Centre is an expert entity which supports industrials in validating and qualifying materials & structures performances.

In its laboratories, Cybernetix performs mechanical tests in many different configurations and conditions, from simple ones to the most complex, in terms of mechanical stresses (tensile, compression, bending, torsion, fatigue, creep, shock, mono- / bi- / tri-axial stresses….) and combined environments (temperatures from -170°C up to +350°C, hygrometry regulated…).

Cybernetix complies with international testing standards and can also meet specific and customized needs thanks to a full range of test benches and equipment, as well as the support of its Design Office. This wide offer of testing solutions goes along with a full range of measuring means and instrumentation (strain, displacement, damaging etc.).