Our priority is based on human potential and we recruit young and experienced talents. A mentoring program is established for all the new comers for a better adaptation to our different business lines. We also welcome young people to discover our jobs and have a better understanding of our company issues through internship and work-study programs.

Once recruited, we help our staff to plan their career in France and abroad: professional appraisals are conducted every year. Furthermore, we develop our employees’ skills through trainings, participation in conferences or missions within the Group.

Our strong corporate culture is supported by four core values: “Building the future”, Doing the right thing”, “Trusting the team”, “Encouraging a fair return for all”. We do our best to apply them on a daily basis, for each project we manage and within the corporate life to evolve in a nice work environment.

Cybernetix is always searching for talented men and women who share passion for our work and proud to take part of ambitious projects to build together their future and the future of the company.

The Human Resources Department