Our QHSE commitment

Operations in hostile environments require a constant search for the best possible level of quality and safety. Cybernetix has developed quality monitoring procedures and a continuous training approach in order to guarantee that the personnel involved in installing and operating equipment in hostile environments are trained in how to deal with the specific personnel safety conditions.

Quality Management




Cybernetix is committed to the implementation of a quality management system throughout the life of the project, thus ensuring to its customers, the delivery of a product in accordance with the requirements of the specification and the compliance with safety rules “project quality” and “product quality” indicators are regularly monitored and analyzed. A project risk analysis is carried out consistently through reviews and specific meetings.

Cybernetix is ISO 9001-version 2008 certified by AFAQ for Marseille and Compiègne premises as well as for Compiègne site as part of EDF operations

Cybernetix respects a commitment charter in QHSE matters. In addition, as a subsidiary, Cybernetix shares technip group vision and acts according to the rules established by technip in the fields of health, safety, security but also in environmental, ethics and social ones.

The main mission of security is to protect people, assets, installation and information against malicious acts. Cybernetix includes security in all its activities through procedures and actions aiming to predict and prevent the occurrence of high-risk situations.

Among these actions, Cybernetix sets up, for each of its projects: Analysis of risk factors, security plans issue prior to operational phase or colleagues awareness on a security approach for a better understanding of security conditions and a lower exposure to risks.

A security representative network, in charge of Group measures and procedures implementation, is also deployed worldwide.

This approach allows to ensure security conditions for all of us, based on information, return of experience, dialogue and training.

Cybernetix promotes partners sharing similar security politics.

Cybernetix makes efforts to ensure its staff safety and people who can use their equipment. This politics is based on an organized identification approach for risks follow-up and control.

A risks analysis is implemented for each project and is subjected to written reports advising actions to be done to exclude risks.

Cybernetix safety policy is based on employee involvement and continuous reinforcement of safety culture to move towards a “zero accident” policy.

Cybernetix has all necessary certifications to guarantee the performance of our projects.

Listening to civil society, environmental responsibility is one of the core values of Cybernetix. By including the management of waste as a major axis of its environmental strategy, Cybernetix agrees to comply with the sorting and recovery rules applicable to its wastes and to reduce its environmental impact.

Compliance with international guidelines (REACH, ROHS) is also a determining factor in the choice of products purchased by the company.

As a subsidiary, Cybernetix shares the values promoted by the different charters within Technip Group regarding business ethics, social accountability, environmental protection, quality, health and safety, and security.