Our Values

As a Technip’ subsidiary, Cybernetix shares and believes in Technip group values.

Take it further is our approach to business, partnerships and aspirations. It embodies our spirit and outlook through excelling in what we do, succeeding in together, exceeding expectations and innovating continuously.

Take it further, an attitude for everything we do.

Building the future

Trusting the team

Encouraging a fair return for all

Doing the right thing

You already know the feeling that comes from joining together successfully to solve a major challenge. Our ability to combine talents and deliver success makes us unique. We value diversity, and have passion and true belief in each person’s contribution. It is the trust and confidence between team members and between teams that take us further.

We believe in profitable projects based on sustainable relationships. We seek to enhance our performance and share the benefits of every achievement with our stakeholders: clients, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and local communities. Fair returns take us all further.

At Technip, we are building the future through today’s most ambitious energy infrastructure projects. We are also creating the conditions that will generate tomorrow’s game-changing innovations by developing our people. Entrepreneurial attitude, investment& and anticipation are at the very heart of how we are taking it further.

Our conduct speaks louder than words. That’s why we strive to always do the right thing wherever business takes us. That means not only acting transparently and keeping commitments, but also ensuring the safety of people and sustainable practices within the community and across the planet. Safety, ethics, quality, security and respect always take us further.

Besides, Technip Group has deployed a “code de conduite” and has drafted six Charters regarding business ethics, social accountability, environmental protection, quality, health and safety, and securityApproved by Technip Board of Directors, they are our engagement and guide our actions.