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Qualification of structures and materials at very low temperatures

Our expertise in mechanical tests also applies in cryogenic environment (very low temperatures). This skill allows us to characterize the resistance of materials and structures as close as possible to the actual operating conditions.

The cryogenic atmosphere is recreated through our various reserves and storage of liquid nitrogen and C0². The characterization of various materials is then possible, on small samples (metals and alloys, polymers, adhesives, seals, adhesive bonds, thermal insulation for FLNG etc.) or full-scale structures (flexible LNG qualification subjected to various mechanical and environmental stresses), in a range of temperatures from -70 ° C to -196 ° C.

Our test center has all the necessary equipment (thermal enclosures, storage, valves and supply systems, instrumentation such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, cryogenic flow meter, infrared camera, security equipment such as oxygen detectors and alarms, breathing apparatus etc.) and standardized or customized test benches to perform safely all tests according to customer requests.


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