Cybernetix is a a leading company in the nuclear field, and mainly in major decommissioning projects, thanks to remote-controlled systems that enhance personnel safety.

CYXPRO® Software

Real-time supervision software for teleoperated systems

A large panel of functionalities to operate remote-controlled systems

CyXpro® is the result of several years of development and experience with our clients.

CyXpro® ensures the supervision of teleoperated or robotic systems (robots, carriers, tools with or without process).

Thanks to its functionalities, and particularly the 3D graphic interface, CyXpro® enables scenarii creation and execution as well as trajectories simulation and execution. The anti-collision mode enables a safe complex system exploitation in a known environment.

  • Real time display of the system in its working environment
  • Virtual reality: use in simulated mode to create scenarii, simulate operations and train operators
  • Customised Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Advanced functions such as passive anti-collision and/or force feedback management

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