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One expertise with different fields of application

Ultrasonic testing is a method of non destructive control allowing the detection, location, evaluation and follow-up on the materials degradation and their coating in industrial or other exploitations.

In this context, Cybernetix offers :

  • Research & Development : feasibility study, development of ultrasound examination methods on materials with complex structures and geometry
  • Ultrasound dumping expertise or mono element and multi-element contact
  • A follow-up on damages related to mechanical and chemical testing
  • A capacity of implementation

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Acoustic emission technology

Acoustic emission is the phenomenon of energy release in the form of transitory elastic waves resulting from internal local micro-movements within a stressed material (AFNOR standard NFA 09350).

This control method is particularly suitable for the detection of corrosion, cracks and breakages of materials and equipment in use. Used with care and rigor, this technique can detect and track damage phenomena and aging facilities. The collected and processed in real time signals allow to detect and identify the nature of the damage while following their evolution in time and to locate them.

The fields of application are numerous: monitoring of materials and structures, control of storage tanks pressure equipment and pipelines, corrosion monitoring, structures control, online control of industrial processes (eg crack detection on parts manufactured on assembly-line).


To Inspect materials and reveal their faults

Ultrasounds are mechanical vibrations propagating in liquid and gaseous solid environment at frequency ranges from 0.1MHz to 25MHz. Reflection, refraction and diffraction phenomena are operated to inspect the material and reveal, locate and scale their faults.

All recorded information from the ultrasound probe is stored and concatenated to produce C-Scan, B-scan and D-Scan mapping.

Our laboratory has available control resources by contact and immersion dedicated to the inspection of flat and cylindrical parts (rigid and flexible pipes).

Our laboratory provides solutions to inspect new materials developed by the Technip Group and to imagine measurement applications through innovative ultrasound.

Acoustic emission through the control of storage tanks and pressure equipment

Control of storage tanks and pressure equipment

The Cybernetix technology for the control of storage tanks and pressurized equipment is based on the Non-destructive Control by acoustic emission.

This control method is global and easy to implement. The sensors are placed non-intrusively, monitoring and diagnosis by acoustic emission requires 2 to 3 hours without shutdown (equipment being stabilized during operation).

A location algorithm is used to display the exact location of acoustic emission sources and therefore damage. Cybernetix has a signal processing and data knowledge as well a database to accurately diagnose the presence of cracks, corrosion or leakage, both in accessible areas of pressurized equipment that inaccessible areas such as storage tanks bottom.

The use of acoustic emission is both economical because the shutdown is not necessary, and predictive for detecting defects in their primitive stage (microscopic). This diagnosis helps lead to a classification to prioritize the opening and maintenance program of the tanks, but also to meet regulatory and legal requirements for periodic requalification of tanks and pressurized equipment.

Some examples of applications:

  • Control and requalification of pressurized metallic and composite equipment
  • Monitoring via acoustic emission of the defects during tests and retesting
  • Detecting leaks in pressurized structures
  • Inspection of the bottom of the tanks allowing the adjournment of tanks openings and internal inspections

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