Cybernetix is a leader in monitoring, inspection and control/command solutions, in the onshore and offshore Oil&Gas industry.

Standard mechanical tests

Estimate the quality and material safety at all stages of their life cycle.

The mechanical tests estimate all aspects of the quality and safety of materials (metals, alloys, plastics, composites) at all stages of their life cycle.

Our test center has a range of modular test benches to perform tension, compression, bending, torsion, rupture, fatigue, creep and impact as well efforts simulation which, at difference scales, equipment and industrial materials are subject to. Our tests meet ASTM and ISO standards.

Our strength lies in the dual expertise in materials engineering and non-destructive testing by acoustic emission. The acquisition, measurement and control of the tests are carried out using the latest technologies: acoustic emission, measurement of large deformations (image processing), strain gauges, etc. All these tests may be conducted under various environmental conditions (cryogenic environment).

Cybernetix works closely with ITC and Flexi France (Technip) for mechanical tests on flexible and rigid pipes, but also through external services within naval engineering or agri-food.

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