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IRIS: In-service Riser Inspection System

A new generation of in-service subsea inspection

Our industry is more and more challenging and our clients are increasingly focusing on the integrity of their offshore assets throughout the life of their fields.

At TechnipFMC, since July 2014, we have been developing IRIS, a remotely operated carrier equipped with different nondestructive testing (NDT) methods to determine the integrity of a material, a component or a structure.

It is a first of its kind will allow to deploy and operate three different NDT technologies in parallel:

Ultrasonic Testing,
Electromagnetic Testing.

This new external inspection tool addresses also the challenge of accessibility of inspection area. Given its architecture, this “Underwater nondestructive testing laboratory” enables risers’ inspection without stopping the production.

A story which started almost 4 years ago

This new TechnipFMC product is a great example of collaboration leveraging the R&D expertise and operational know-how of diverse entities of the Group.

IRIS is the result of a development program involving internal and external nondestructive testing (NDT) experts in coordination with flexible riser and robotics experts. Technologies were developed in the frame of a technology development partnership with the CEA(1) Technology Research Division. Several entities such as Cybernetix, a TechnipFMC company, have been
involved in this breakthrough project.

(1) CEA: French Atomic and Renewable Energies Commission

Underwater nondestructive testing laboratory

In the majority of cases, a single inspection technology is not able to provide robust detailed integrity information while different NDT technologies are complementary and prove to be much more effective when used in combination.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic Testing is a nondestructive technology based on the propagation of mechanical waves in the tested material. When coupling condition are satisfied, the analysis of the propagation of high frequency mechanical waves in the riser (time of flight, signal attenuation) allows the identification of defects in predefined layers.

Electromagnetic Testing (ETI)

Electromagnetic Testing is the process of inducing electric currents inside the riser structure and measuring their repartition in the metallic layers. Properly set up, measurable response allows the identification of a defect inside the predefined riser layer.

Electromagnetic Testing Flooding (ETF) (Future Development)

This component aims to detect flooding of the annulus section of flexible pipes. The principle is based on a measure of the impedance between metallic electrodes. This impedance varies upon relative permittivity and conductivity of the environment between both electrodes and allows the detection of water inside the annulus.

Story Conception

A unique non-intrusive and stand alone device

Inspecting, repairing and maintaining subsea equipment for clients required divers or ROV(5) interventions, depending on the working depth or type of subsea structures. Thanks to its launch and recovery system and its crawler function, IRIS offers advanced subsea inspection services and solutions adapted to offshore facilities. Once launched, IRIS will be locked and unlocked on the riser and will also be able to move independently along the flexible underwater, in the splash zone and even in the air.

► Inspection preparation based on riser and offshore expertise
► Efficient international logistic and in country mobilization onboard Light Construction Vessel
► Offshore operation staff composed by Project engineers; operators and NDT engineers
► Immediate identification of riser defect
► In-house post-processing and riser analysis with robust health diagnostic for possible Life Extension

IRIS Customer Value Proposition

► Allows to deploy and operate different NDT technologies in parallel
► Versatile inspection tool
► Able to propose dedicated inspection strategy for each riser
► In depth inspection strategy preparation before the inspection campaign thanks to our TechnipFMC flexible pipe knowledge combined with our inspection technological edge
► Non-intrusive equipment deployed externally to the riser.
► Increases up-time: Inspects and cleans the riser without compromising production
► Able to move along the flexible riser independently thanks to the crawler function
► Enable inspection subsea, in the “splash zone” and above the water line
► Operated and controlled in real-time from the deck of a supply vessel, via an umbilical and dedicated offshore spread
► Results display and analysis in real-time with TechnipFMC software
► Safety system: assess riser condition against identified incident
► Clear riser diagnosis: can be used as part of Life EXTension (LEXT) studies
► Affordable solution compared to riser replacement
► Increase safety of the asset

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