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About us

About us

A world-class provider of surveillance and robotics solutions

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Delivering innovation for harsh environments and operational constraints

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Expertise is the hallmark of Cybernetix for robotics and surveillance systems. We work with an array of clients in the oil and gas industry and other energy sectors. This includes nuclear, where our involvement dates back more than 20 years.

Our solutions help energy clients increase uptime, reduce costs and improve safety and speed of decision-making through augmented monitoring and advanced robotics solutions for inspection and dexterous interventions.

Supporting the energy transition

The energy landscape is transforming fast to make affordable and low-carbon energy available to all. The energy industry is undergoing major changes and must improve the economics of projects, while maintaining or improving quality and safety standards, with an imperative to target a Net Zero footprint. 

Cybernetix is part of Technip Energies group, a leading Engineering & Construction player for the energy transition, and we're proud to contribute to the energy transition. 

At Cybernetix, we are working hard to develop solutions that minimize the footprint of the fossil industry or that accelerate the deployment of low carbon energies. We are providing advanced surveillance, visual intelligence and robotics solutions that enhance the integrity and performance of our clients' assets around the world. 

Enabling safe and efficient operations in harsh and constrained environments 

Some industries are breaking new boundaries every day to operate safely and efficiently in harsh and constrained environments, be it marine conditions, in deep water, in extreme cold or heat, explosive conditions, in contaminated or irradiated areas.

For the past 35 years, Cybernetix has supported industries such as oil & gas, the nuclear, renewables, defense, space and other adjacent sectors to pioneer and master these extreme conditions. The robotics, visual intelligence and surveillance solutions developed by our teams augment human capabilities and allow our clients to make the right decisions and execute basic to highly complex interventions in harsh environments without exposing humans to risk.

At Cybernetix, we contribute to make affordable and low-carbon energy available to all without exposing human lives to risk.