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rigid pipelines surveillance

Rigid Pipelines Surveillance

Optimize production uptime by making asset integrity a priority

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Tension Monitoring

Safeguarding riser integrity throughout field lifetime

Based on vibrating wire technology, our Riser Tension Monitoring System (RTMS) continuously measures the extension and compression of your riser. An associated transfer function is used to calculate the corresponding tension and bending. Tension information can be combined with motion monitoring and other survey parameters to form a full Riser Integrity Monitoring System (RIMS).

The system can be welded, strapped or clamped on the riser. Even better, it can be installed by a remotely operated vehicle or diver on existing risers without requiring production shutdown.

We provide offshore operators with the data needed to achieve efficient integrity management.

Corrosion & Erosion Monitoring

A non-intrusive tool that uses sensors, installed at a single location, to monitor meters of pipeline

g-PIMS®-s is a monitoring system with sensors installed permanently and capable of screening tens of meters of pipeline from a single fixed location anywhere in the network. It uses guided waves to detect and quantify metal loss and cracks in the pipe wall.

The g-PIMS®-s unit is positioned in a vulnerable or worn part of a specific pipe run, which enables you to determine that the rest of the run is in a similar or better condition. As part of our corrosion and erosion monitoring service, Cybernetix teams offer their expert support for your decision-making process.

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