Mooring Load and Fatigue Monitoring Systems

Reliable and field-proven solutions to mitigate risks without impacting operations

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Qualified and configurable mooring and tension-leg monitoring solutions

At Cybernetix, we're committed to providing clients with fit-for-purpose solutions. Our load and fatigue monitoring systems are part of a 360° surveillance package for mooring systems and tension legs that is built upon field-proven components specifically designed for the offshore industry.

Anchor Leg Load Monitoring System

Anchor Leg Load Monitoring System (ALLMS)

A reliable monitoring system for mooring lines

Our Anchor Leg Load Monitoring System (ALLMS) provides a reliable monitoring system for mooring lines by measuring the chain angle with inclinometers or the strain on the chain with vibrating wires or load cell sensors. It helps you mitigate risks to avoid any impact on asset design or operations. It keeps your asset protected while assessing its remaining lifetime.


The ALLMS can be deployed by diver or a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) on new or existing production fields. It is suitable for all types of moored floating facilities and is supported by our cutting-edge software solution, CyXense®.

Retrofittable Tendon Tension Monitoring System

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Tendon Tension Monitoring System (TTMS)

Ensuring tendon stability and integrity

Enhance safety. Minimize maintenance. Reduce repair costs.


Our fully qualified and retrofittable Tendon Tension Monitoring System (TTMS) supports offshore operators by monitoring the stability and integrity of tendons throughout the field life of tension-leg platforms.


Designed for easy installation by divers on existing platforms, the TTMS uses vibrating wires to measure the tendon extension and compression continuously. This measurement is then processed by our CyXense® software solutions installed topside through the associated transfer function.

Simulation Trained Artificial Neural Network: STANN

The STANN is our patented unique, non-instructive software solution for monitoring the integrity of mooring lines without the need for sensors on the mooring lines or meteocean data. With zero footprint on your floating asset, it is a simple reliable and easy to maintain solution that offers a hassle-free way to protect your asset.


After having been fed with the structural and hydrodynamic model of your installation for its training phase, the STANN only needs DGPS, heading and draft data while on operation.


The STANN is suitable for all types of moored floating facilities, including semi-submersibles and FPSOs. It is particularly useful for brownfield assets with no mooring monitoring system. This one-of-a-kind solution also reaps the benefits of our pioneering global software solution, CyXense®.

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