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Cyxense® Surveillor

Supervisory Software for Monitoring Solutions

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A centralized data management solution

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Cyxense® Surveillor, a Cybernetix proprietary software, is designed to enable smarter operations through data supervision from sensors to monitoring devices. It is designed to manage all types of data, such as alarm management, communication links, tracking and time stamping.

Cyxense® Surveillor is based on open architecture (possibility to connect Cyxense® Surveillor to other system). Cyxense® Surveillor may be deployed in stand-alone or network configuration.

The structure of Cyxense® Surveillor is adaptable to different sensors and is based on a core system that includes supervisory functionalities. Specific applications and specific requirements may also be added as required - Human Machine Interface (HMI) for instance.

Collect and archive your operational data, and analyze data in its operational context for unlimited ways to maximize the information it contains (historization of the data, statistic function,….).

Example of software capacity:

data is acquired at 2Hz (0,5 s) per year
average of 15 minutes recording data are stored for 20 years (equipment time life)

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