CyXpro® Suite

Supervisory Software for Tele-operated and Robotics Systems

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Robotics systems management to boost productivity and safety

CyXpro® suite is the Cybernetix software package developed to provide full operations supervision capabilities to enable the safe and reliable management of autonomous tele-operated and robotic systems operations in hazardous environments.


CyXpro® includes many advanced functionalities, such as 3D graphic interface, scenario creation and execution, trajectory simulation, obstacle avoidance as well as CyXense® functionalities.

Cutting-edge capabilities

CyXpro® provides users with a real-time display of the system in its working environment. The software's simulated mode deploys virtual reality to create scenarios, simulate operations, and train operators. It also offers a fit-for-purpose Human Machine Interface. Its most advanced functionalities include passive anti-collision and force feedback management.

A suite with multiple benefits for users

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CyXpro® improves communications and network capacities. Tele-operation and autonomous robotic mode can be triggered remotely or automated, and CyXpro® can interface with other compatible supervision and digital systems. The TCP/IP network allows the robotic system to receive data to manage the robotic mission with the right instruments and send back real-time data during assignments.


The software also boosts assignment productivity and reduces the risk of damage to structures, components and the robot itself. It enables high-dexterity manipulations with force feedback and force control, Cartesian mode, anti-collision, advanced navigation, automated safe trajectories, and many more options.


In addition, through on-line condition monitoring, operators are alerted to the need for preventive maintenance. This functionality also helps users understand and analyze the evolution of the installation over time.

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