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Keeping naval assets safe

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Cutting-edge technology for a sector that demands the best

At Cybernetix, our harnesses experience and expertise garnered through years working with onshore and offshore energy clients to support the defense sector. Our specialist teams develop the required technology to remove crew and soldiers from direct hazard exposure.

Specialized support right from design and draft

Thanks to our experience with well-known defense actors, we have acquired the necessary know-how to support your projects right from the design phase.  

Rescue System for Distressed Submarine

We originally developed our Rescue System for Distressed Submarine - Ventilation & Depressurization System (VDS) at the request of the French Directorate General of Armaments. Intended for post-accident intervention, it increases a submarine crew's chances of survival by reducing the time needed to organize a rescue operation.

Composed of three containers, VDS can be easily installed on any vessel of opportunity. It enables continuous control of a submarine's pressurization as well as regulation of breathing air.

Once the distressed submarine is located and the system is deployed, VDS can be connected by a remotely operated underwater vehicle or a diver in just two hours. The system can operate in water depths of up to 250m.

VDS is the only system mentioned in the NATO ATP-57 rescue manual.


We developed the VDS at the request of the French Directorate General of Armaments. It is the only system mentioned in the NATO ATP-57 rescue manual.

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