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leak and impact detection system pipelids

Leak and Impact Detection System: PipeLIDS and Cyx-Guard

Pioneering technology to ensure compliance and optimize production

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Safeguard productivity without compromising safety

Integrity and performance are the watchwords of onshore pipeline surveillance. As part of our comprehensive offer, Cybernetix teams use acoustic PipeLIDS leak and impact technology to ensure regulatory compliance and optimize production.

Integrity and performance are the watchwords of onshore pipeline surveillance.

Because prevention is better than cure

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Our cutting-edge PipeLIDS solution anticipates accidents before they even occur by detecting and localizing aggressions and leaks that could threaten the integrity of your pipeline. Pipelines, people and the planet are safer. Production is secured.

Our patented acoustic technology prevents environmental damage and production losses by providing continuous, real-time monitoring for leaks, impacts, pressure surges, and internal product (fluid) theft. When an anomaly is detected, the system alerts your control room via rapid communication networks such as hardwire SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), or wireless 3G.

PipeLIDS can be installed easily on existing or new onshore pipelines of all sizes and types, including aerial and buried. In addition, we offer an alternative solution based on fiber optic sensing cable, or a combination of acoustic and optic sensing cable for even better performance.

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