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wellhead fatigue monitoring

Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring

Sense the difference with our cutting-edge performance and data services

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High-precision sensors for accurate data collection at depths of up to 3,000 meters

Subsea, the stakes are high. Safety is paramount. Operational efficiency is crucial. Unplanned downtime is costly.

Our Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring solution is part of a subsea production system offering that leverages industry-leading performance and data services to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Industry-leading performance and data services to ensure your operations run smoothly

Well Access Monitoring System

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To measure these two crucial aspects of subsea production systems, Cybernetix and Technip Energies teams have developed our Well Access Monitoring System (WAMS).

It monitors inclination and acceleration as well as constraints on equipment directly connected to the wellhead, such as the Blow Out Preventer, the Lower Marine Riser Package, and the Reactive Flex Joint.

The result due to the Reactive Flex-Joint: a significant reduction in cyclical bending of the wellhead caused by riser loads. Our monitoring system by: evaluating fatigue on the lower stack and upper riser enable you to assess expected asset lifetime.

Architecture of the WAMS depends on the project needs. Data are analyzed from topside using umbilical or acoustic mode or once the system has been recovered. Moreover, our offer includes secure data storage and 24/7 support from our expert teams.

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