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Monitoring and Fleet command center

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More control, tighter management, better results

Cyxense plateform is the linked between sensors, robots, client supervision platform Computerized management system and people.

The platform aims to simplify the use of monitoring and inspection system by:

  • Observing: the environment to understand contextual information that will drive operator to the right decision making.
  • Capturing: high quality signals, data, photo or video row or processed,
  • Analyzing: the information captured as well as the performance of the systems through reporting interfaces
  • Operating: proactively an asset from data gathering to complex intervention operation such as manipulation

Our software boosts supervision, management and control of your systems.

CyXense® Surveillor: Supervisory Software for Monitoring Solutions

Operators gathers hundreds of information which will feed their data lake and will permit to facilitate decision making. Cyxense® Surveillor is a software provided on tens of harsh environment monitoring systems. The software is customizable allowing to comply with client specifications to a distributed control system DCS) including ICSS or computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

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