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Integrated Marine Management System: IMMS

Full real-time floating asset monitoring solution for quick decision-making

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Integrity and environmental monitoring

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Receiving accurate and timely data is key to making informed decisions about your floating asset's maintenance requirements.

The Cybernetix Integrated Marine Management System is part of our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for offshore asset monitoring.

Get the environment and facility data you need

Our Integrated Marine Management System provides offshore operators with filtered, synchronized and validated real-time data. It includes a mooring advisory software and a load management system.

Our IMMS can integrate information from multiple sources: 

  • Weather stations
  • Oceanography and vessel motion sensors
  • Mooring tension and riser monitoring systems.

Reliable data are available to your local or onshore control room teams thanks to a fit-for-purpose Human Machine Interface. It is powered by our cutting-edge Cyxense® Surveillor supervisory software for monitoring systems.


Providing offshore operators with filtered, synchronized and validated real-time data

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