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Cybernetix presents: Lucy – first of a kind

Meet Lucy, our amazing heavy duty crawler

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Throughout human history there have been many monumental breakthroughs from the first written language to sending man to the Moon. Now, our geniuses at Cybernetix have created another outstanding first. Meet Lucy, our amazing heavy duty crawler.

Why Lucy you may say? Cybernetix’s robot is named after the 3 million-year-old remains of a hominid female found in 1974, believed to be the ‘first human’.

Our Lucy helps oil and gas companies automate their processes and remove human operators from potentially hazardous situations. Lucy is brilliant at multitasking. She can operate in harsh environments, under the control of an operator or autonomously (using Cybernetix’s proprietary software, Cyxense® Commander).

Lucy conducts routine inspections and detects abnormal situations. She can carry out complex tasks, from climbing stairs to executing fine interventions using a sophisticated ATEX dexterous ‘arm’.

According to our Program manager for Robotic Solutions & Services, Lucy can even think for herself. “In autonomous mode, should she come across an obstruction, LUCY can calculate and follow a new trajectory.”

Her development started in 2018 and a prototype is now overseas carrying out trials on-site. From time to time, Lucy performs missions with a spot robot that our Marseille teams are customizing to realize autonomous routine inspections supervised by Cybernetix supervision software (Cyxense® Commander) with mission report generation including photos, thermal images etc. However, Lucy has not yet entirely displayed its set of skills, this is what Cybernetix will soon be releasing on the market.

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