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Cybernetix NDT

Testing on Materials and Structures

Wide-ranging expertise to meet your needs

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Materials and Structures Engineering

Cybernetix Mechanical Testing Center offers expertise in validating and qualifying the performance of materials and structures.

We perform mechanical tests in various configurations and conditions. These include mechanical stresses – tensile, compression, bending, torsion, fatigue, creep, shock, mono- / bi- / tri-axial stresses, etc. – and combined environments with temperatures from -170°C to +350°C.

Download the Material and Structural Engineering flysheet.

Compliant and customizable

Our tests comply with all relevant international testing standards, and we’re able to customize our offer to meet specific needs thanks to a full range of test benches and equipment. We also draw on the support of our expert Design Office. This broad testing solution offer is accompanied by a full range of measuring methods and instrumentation, including strain, displacement and damage.

Standard Mechanical Tests

We carry out standard mechanical tests to evaluate the quality and safety of materials, including metals, alloys, plastics and composites, at every stage of their life cycle.

Our test center has a range of modular test benches to perform tension, compression, bending, torsion, rupture, fatigue, creep and impact tests. We’re also able to simulate the stresses on industrial materials and equipment.

All our tests meet ASTM and ISO standards as well as customer specifications.

Download the Mechanical Engineering flysheet.

Offering clients knowledge and know-how

At Cybernetix, we leverage our dual expertise in materials engineering and non-destructive testing. Tests are carried out using the latest technologies, including acoustic emission, measurement of large deformations (image processing), and strain gauges. We’re also able to conduct tests under a variety of environmental conditions.

We work closely with Technip Energies and its subsidiaries for mechanical tests on flexible and rigid pipes. Where required, we also bring in the know-how of external experts such as naval engineers and steel manufacturers.

Cryogenic Tests

Our mechanical testing expertise includes cryogenic testing to qualify structures and materials at very low temperatures. This allows us to evaluate the resistance of materials and structures in operating conditions as close to real as possible. The cryogenic atmosphere is created using liquid nitrogen.

We’re able to test materials via small samples or within full-scale structures in temperatures ranging from 0°C to -196°C. Our test center deploys state-of-the-art equipment, with standardized and customized test benches to perform tests safely and in line with customer requests.

Cybernetix experts monitor and diagnose your installations via non-intrusive sensors while your operations continue as normal.

Tests & Qualifications of Full-Scale Structures

At Cybernetix, we have the expertise and equipment to test and qualify full-scale structures.

Our mechanical tests can involve components of anything from two to 10 meters – for example, flexible risers. These tests can be conducted in various different environments in terms of pressure and temperature. The majority of our work focuses on measuring impact, fatigue, and endurance. We also have the necessary expertise in acoustic emission to conduct defect checks.

Cybernetix provides a turnkey service, from test implementation to data processing

Home design office

Cybernetix design office is able to develop tailor-made test benches adapted to the specifications and to our customers’ requirements.

  • Design of clamping and load application systems for tests on structures
  • Numeric simulation: calculation on linear and isotropic structures

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